Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Feel good music for a Tuesday

Martha Velez is a bluesy vocalist with lots of soul (the Janis Joplin & Ruby Starr style) with a few albums to her credit. My favorite is this one, Fiends and Angels, released in 1970 on the Sire label. It is a vinyl rip at 256k and the files are broken up between side one and side two. Tracks listed below. (Although I tried everything to fix it, track 3, the Dylan cover tune on side two has a skip or two that weren't fixable, sorry).

Side One:I'm Gonna Leave You/Swamp Man/A Fool For You/In My Girlish Days/Very Good Fandango/Tell Mama

Side Two:Feel So Bad/Drive Me Daddy/It Takes A Lot To Laught, It Takes A Train To Cry/Come Here Swwet Man/Let the Good Times Roll.


By request, the other Dr. Dopo Jam LP Entree. Just as good as the other. If you liked it, you'll like this.


Try this for some pop sike sunny happy bubblegummy groovy listening music with some garage thrown in for good measure. It NC6's Revelations released in 1968 on Mercury records also at 256k. This as the Martha Velez is ripped off of vinyl and each file contains a whole side.

Side One:I Will Always Think About You/Dandy Howdy Man/Girl Unsigned/Treat Her Groovy/Summertime's Another Name For Love (love that title!!!)/Just Feel Worse

Side Two:Can't You See Me Cry/We Will Love Again/Things I'd Like To Say/Hold Me With Your Eyes/You Know Better


Here's more of the same, from Timothy Clover, who wasn't really Timothy Clover, but studio people put together for the "concept" and produced by the guys who produced Teddy & the Pandas. Interesting worthless trivia: album released before this one on Tower in 1968--The Smoke-same, album released after--the Love Exchange-same. Lotsa cool stuff on that Tower label.

This album reminds me of swinging London type pop-sike although is really was created in Bosstown (or Beantown as it says here). Check out the track "when You're Dreamin" my personal fave or the bunch.


Had a hard time finding a pic of this. Giant Crab's Cool It...Helios released (again) in 1968 on Uni (I think they were one of the coolest labels in the late 60's). This one starts pretty wild and then tames down to be a nice dreamy psych album. Fun album, ripped from vinyl (yes again) and files are as foillows (because most of the tracks flow into each other):

01:the Invasion of Helios
02:Cool It
03:Hello Yesterday/Trust Somebody/Don't Make Me Leave You/What Became of Yesterday's Hero/Welcome to the World/Help Yourself
04:It's Getting Harder/Who Can Teach A Songbird How To Sing?/Everything Comes Sooner or Later/Cleo/Don't Jump To Conclusions/Popcorn Double Feature/Walking In Different Circles/I Don't Want To Live This Way.


Dim Chandilier sent a link to a Peter Banks LP for everyone--It's the 2 Sides of Peter Banks. Great album!!! Thanks!!!


Also for the other two Flash LPs go over to this great great blog:


And finally (shameless self promotion)for some live Tom Waits, live Jack Bruce with Gary Moore, and some Paul McCartney & Wings outtakes, go to this place here:


And click those ads at the top over there, I'm going to be a whore. Actually I just wanna see what happens. So like Chris says the more clicks I get the more stuff I'll post.

Have fun and enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the flash albums
track 5 from the album Flash - In The Can is incomplete


Time Traveller said...

Those are over at Andy's site. Leave a comment for him there so he can fix it.


Anonymous said...

I also have Fiends and Angels on vinyl (with no way to rip it).
I'd like to get the whole album;
any ideas?

BTW: Did you know that Clapton, Kossoff, and a host of others played on that album uncredited. Apparently the poem on the reverse is supposed to give some clues.

Claude in California

Anonymous said...

thanks for the good music and have you some daughter of albion .patrick

Time Traveller said...

Hi Claude. The whole album is there, but there are a couple skips on that one track. As far as ripped vinyl to CD, I would need to know what equipment you have (and don't have). The best thing to do is a google search ("burning vinyl to CD-R" should do the trick). There are hundreds if not thousands of tutorials on the subject.

patrick--sorry no Daughters of Albion (I'd like to check them out though).