Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!!!

Spent the day with family and watched "I Walk the Line". I must say it's a really good movie. A bit one-sided but very entertaining. I have a few new shares uploaded and ready to go but I am so tired I will get them up tomorrow (besides blogger's photo uploader isn't cooperating so I can't post pics anyway). So for tonight here is my semi-weekly update of albums I posted other places (if I already posted some of these here, sorry!!).

Argent - 1st LP from 1970.

Spirit - Tent of Miracles (1990)

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - What's Next

Steppenwolf - 1st

Bachman Turner Overdrive - II

the Great Society - Collector's Item (Grace Slick's pre Jeff. Airplane band)

Jo Jo Gunne - the Asylum Years Part 2 (So Where's the Show/Jummpin' the Gunne)

Captain Beefheart - Doc At the Radar Station

ZZ Top - Duguello

New York Dolls - in:Too Much Too Soon

Iron Butterfly - Galaxy Club 1967 (boot)

the Cryan' Shames - A Scratch In the Sky (1967)

Ambrosia - Road Island (1982)

covers to Road Island

That's all I've got for tonight. Up next---El Shalom, Amon Duul and Goldenrod.


Anonymous said...

happy easter to you too
so i'll wait tomorrow for the amon duül's album!!

zab said...

Reckon you must have had withdrawal symptoms posting so many new links. :)


Anonymous said...

hey Time Traveller, great stuff. Any chance of still posting The Godz-s/t and Granicus-s/t. If not no problem, just thought I'd ask.

Time Traveller said...

zab--those are all things I posted over a period of time, mostly over groovyfab, so after they stop getting hits there, I just put them here, I'm actually pretty lazy!

dtfloyd--I have a ton Amon Duul stuff (both I & II), so if you have any requests let me know.

anon--I'll get the Godz up today, so I forgot. The Granicus hasn't been ripped yet, but I'll put a priority on it for you.

Time Traveller said...

I meant to say sorry I forgot, not so I forgot, that sounded rude.

Jeez, I get in such a hurry typing sometimes.

Anonymous said...

i'm very interested by Amon Duül (I), i've got only Para DieswartDuul.
but i don't know the others albums
so i let you posting what you want.
you always make great choice in your posts
thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Mahogany Rush! More Canuck rock please! Some Max Webster would be much appreciated...

Time Traveller said...

I've got some Max, basically Universal Juveniles and High Class & Borrowed Shoes, but problem is they are on vinyl and my turntable is awaiting a stylus. I have already ordered it, but it seems to be a problem on their end. If nothing soon, I will try elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

You are doing wonderful work my friend - thanks

panos1 said...

Thanks for ambrosia!great music!

Can you upload or give me a link, if you have it ofcource,for
"Ambrosia-life beyond LA"?

thanks in advance!