Saturday, April 08, 2006

The wind cable dies.......

We had a nasty wind storm in my neck of the woods a few days ago and the wonderful cable company can't fix my cable hookup (which includes my internet) until Tuesday sometime. I am typing this from the library, I didin't want anyone to think I fell off the face of the earth or anything. Here are some links I had ready to go when the storm happened, no pics or anything here on the site but toward the end there is a file with covers.

Camel - For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night

Caravan - Waterloo Lily

Barclay James Harvest -

Hawkwind - Quark Strangeness & Charm (remaster with bonus track)

Steve Hillage - L

Trapeze - World Tour 1992 (reunion with Hughes Galley and Holland)

Magma - Uda Wuda

Van Der Graaf Generator - World (by request)

Happy the Man - Live (1997) (by request, sorry this is all I had by them)

Elephant's Memory - same ('72 Apple LP produced by John Lennon)

If I accidentally double posted any links sorry, my time is ltd. here at the library.
These are all links I already had rared and loaded to rapidshare when my cable went out. When I get back in on Tuesday, I have a bunch of stuff rared and ready to upload to rapidshare so we'll have more fun then.

Oh, here are some covers I forgot to put into posts, I can't remember which one's they are, best I can do is tell you if you d/l an album and there are no covers, download this and they may be there, it's a very small file!!!


Beowulf left links to the two Robert Calvert LPs in the comments, I wanted to move them up here, but since I'm limited on what I can do, find them there!!!! He has also emailed more links which I will get up Tuesday!! Thanks Beowulf!!!

Thats it for now---see ya Tuesday!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i say to me i look the bryon's blog to see what he write in the comments
and what a great job in the library!!
thanks for your post
and of course good week-end maybe with this internet problem you'll can rest yourself

mayohumbert said...

Thanks for the Magma, fellow space fiend...
keep it up

Walknthabass said...

And thanks for the Happy the Man! Going to have to rip those 1st two albums (on Arista) for you sometime soon.

zab said...

Bryons, quick note for when you get back on line line - first album is caravan not camel.

See you soon.

Space Chief said...

Can I send out two more requests please?

2.Caravan-Land of the Gray & Pink

Thank you.

Kaserio said...

Cher monsieur, the exact title of Magma Album is Udu Wudu, merci quand même.;)

Time Traveller said...

Thanks guys, you'll have to allow for some errors, my time on the internet was very limited (I only had a 1/2 hour. I am on a groovy dial up connection of my neighbors right now, just checkin' things out.

PS> There is another file to the Happy the Man, that is only part one, the storm happened while part two was uploading.

And I have both the Mirage and the Pink & Grey, I will add to my next update list, hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday.

graphomaniax said...

Can't extract "Caravan - Waterloo Lily" : the file is corrupt :-(

klaus said...

Cher monsieur Kaserio,
the exact title of Magma Album is

Time Traveller said...

Sorry Klaus, My computer don't do umlauts!! Motley Crue is so pissed at me.

Kaserio said...

Vous avez raison monsieur Klaus, mais je parle aussi mal le Kobaïen que l'anglais ;)

Felix E. Krivosheev said...

Sorry for my bad english.

I long time looking for "Steve Hillage - L", but cannot find. But now i find "L" at your blog, but rapidshare says that "This file has been deleted.
Reason: THIS FILE IS FORBIDDEN TO BE SHARED". O-h-h-h! Can you reload this great album? I will thank effusively/

Nicodemus_Predominant said...

Oh well, I have the Hawkwind "Quark Strangeness and Charm" album on CD, but not the remastered version with the bonus track...out of sheer curiosity, could someone tell me what the name of the bonus track is? Maybe I can find in by itself on a blog somewhere (not a blog as great as this one, I bet. I love this site! Thanks Time Traveller!)....