Friday, March 31, 2006

Here's Larry......

The 2001 release from Larry Wallis, Death in the Guitarfternoon is a great rock album hands down. It's not what many will expect if all you've heard is his Pink Fairies/UFO/Motorhead's 1st album but if you've heard his '77 Stiff 45 (Beowulf left a link to it in one of the comment sections) and enjoyed it, this is a definite sound improvement and still edgy and spirtited like that 45. My only complaint is the vocals but hey everything in life can't be perfect all the time. Larry has as storied a history as Twink and Steve Took, if you'd like a really cool timeline check this out:

and now here is the music!!!


And now I would like a little feedback, would you like me to continue posting only the types of stuff I've been posting or would branching out be more fun. I can do just about anything, I have a fairly decent collection of metal, a bit of punk, a huge bootleg collection and hell, a bit of anything and everything. I would like to hear your thoughts and I will decide where to go from here. There are just so many people doing the psych and prog and only so much of it to go around. If you have any requests I would like to hear those as well as I love posting things I know people want to hear.

Thaks in advance for any replies!



Anonymous said...

My votes for more prog. Yeah, there are lots of psych and prog sites, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of overlap with your site.

Spherule said...

I love what you've been posting so far. I think anything that you think is truly unusual and of interest will appeal to us open-minded explorers. Weird is good no matter the genre.

microdot said...

Yes, keep doing what you're doing. Maybe mix it up once in awhile with different genres and fun stuff. Thanks for your efforts there's some really great shares here.

Anonymous said...

Please, let the rare metal, punk and bootleg stuff come, but continue the styles you've posting so far. Thanks a lot!

Grtz, Danny

Anonymous said...

of course i prefer prog and psych,
but if you receive answer for punk, metal, ...
i just see The Flock'album on your list, if you'll could post it in the next days or weeks (when you'll finish your list!!)
thanks for this blog

graddy said...

Rare hardRock/bluesrock from the early seventies , Thanks mate !

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some of the bootlegs get posted. Not the usual led zep and pink floyd but the unusual ones which don't get much recognition.

Zab said...

Just carry on what you're doing - there's some great suff on this site. Thanks.

StrengthofStrings said...

Yeah I wouldn't mind more early 70's rare protometal/hard rock if you've got it. Also love the hard psych type of stuff.

quinlet said...

Going against what I see most posts have said... it might be nice to have a place where prog. meets folk. There appear to be a good many rare albums that are out there..most of which are unaffordable these days. Just a thought. With that said.. I have enjoyed many of your rare finds. Great site.. thanks for sharing.

Aveek from India said...

I like heavy prog-rock & heavy psych-prog rock. Could you please share some of these albums:

1. Poobah - US Rock (US heavy rock)
2. Clear Blue Sky - Cosmic Crusader
3. T2 - Second Bite (UK heavy prog-rock)
4. Bedlam - Live In London 1973 (UK heavy prog-rock)
5. Dark - Anonymous Days (UK heavy prog-rock)
6. Tarkus - Selftitled (Peruvian heavy prog-rock)
7. Rhinoceros - Selftitled (US psychedelia)
8. Octopus - Restless Nights (US psychedelia)
9. Hillow Hammet - Hammer
10. Bedlam - Selftitled (UK heavy prog-rock)

Time Traveller said...

I don't know if you need it or not, but Dark - Round the Edges is already loaded and ready for my post today. I have the Octopus, I think I have the Rhino, and I have Bedlam Live. The US Rock is the only Poobah I don't have, but I have put out a search for it so it may show up here in the future.

Thanks everyone else for your input. It looks like I won't stray from the path I'm on too much, I may plop a surprise in from time to time.

Eddie Riff said...

I'm crazy about the stuff you've been posting and don't want to see that stop, but a little something to make us all go "Wha...?" every once in a while can be a good thing.

Time Traveller said...

I try to do that every day Eddie!


Aveek from India said...

Thanks for your promise for sharing some of these albums I've listd. The Bedlam anthology posted over ChrisGoesRock is an anthology & I already had it. I requested the selftitled debut album & the live album. I have this Dark album too on Kissing Spell label. Would be grateful if you could share some more as listed below:


The Poobah - US Rock album is available as a torrent format at the following link:

My internet connection being slower, I can't download the torrents. Maybe you can do it & share this album on this blog. Again, if you have a streamload account at, I can regularly send you great albums which you can share over here.

Aveek from India said...

Also, could you please post the albums at a bitrate of at least 192 kbps most of the times? The sound quality would be fantastic.

Time Traveller said...

ACtually that does have the entire first album. That was the only one I have. I will work on the others I promised, and I'll check into that torrent cuz I really do want that Poobah album. On you new list I am not doing well but I do have a Warm Dust album. It has 2 people lying on bear skin rug (forgot the name of it). My turntable is out right now, but I will be getting it fixed soon and I will add it to my rip list.

Aveek from India said...


Thanks for your promise for the Warm Dust album. One last & urgent request for the time being. The Dschinn - Selftitled album (German heavy-prog rock)was posted on the blog 8daysinapril. (links:

But, every time, I tried to download it, a message is showing up as the 'file has been deleted'. This album is available on some other blogs like, but having the same links as stated above which were deleted. If you have this album or downloaded it, could please post it over your blog? I'm really desperate to get this album. It's a heavy rock classic.

Thanks in advance!

Time Traveller said...

I got the Dschinn up and the Octopus, gimme a day or so, I'm having trouble finding Rhinocerous. I know its here somewhere.....

I tried to download US Rock but the torrent was absolutely dead. But I believe it came from ChrisGoes Rock so maybe if we both
email and request it he may put it up again.

The Third World War LPs are posted on someone's blogs maybe Ezhevika (Lisa's site) but I'm not sure. I'll check around and see what I come up with.

Aveek from India said...

Hi TT,

Thanks a lot for Dschinn & Octopus, I downloaded them & liked them like anything. Hard to believe that Dschinn is a vinyl rip. Take your time for Rhinoceros & Bedlam, no hurry.

Do you have ChrisGoesRock's email ID? Then, we both can email for the Poobah LP. Btw, thanks for 2 other Poobah LPs on your blog. I've downloaded them too.

The Third World War LPs are not at EZHEVIKA site. Btw, larger album covers are available at, and You can add album covers from these sites on your blog. There's a good quality album cover for Octopus available at:

You can feature it on your blog.

Thanks a million for everything. If you need any particular album I can send them to you through I have a collection of 4000+ albums. Just let me know.


Time Traveller said...

There's no catch to that Streamload? They actually let you have 25 gigs free? Let me know about that, I may have to sign up. Okay, here's the latest:

No luck on Chris' email so I guess it's just begging in the comments section. I guess if you click his ads he's rip and post, which is fair.

I was mistaking Three Man Army for Third World War, I'm a goofball sometimes. I'll keep an eye peeled for them. The Warm Dust is gonna take a few days, but I will get it up here just keep checkin' back.

If you can give me a small list of what you have there may be something I would like, or at least give me a direction to go in requesting an item or two from you!

Aveek from India said...

Hi Again,

You just need to sign up a free account at & you are enable to download upto 100 MB (no files should be > 10 MB). For a paying account, e.g., $5 a month, you caqn download 1 GB of music & no limitation on file size. Else, I can also send you CDs at your address.

I love late '60s to early '70s prog-rock, heavy prog-rock, psych-rock etc. Some of my fabs are Kopperfield, Stray, Agnes Strange, Writing On The Wall, Necromandus, May Blitz, Fuzzy Duck, 2066 & Then, Zarathustra, Camel, Warhorse, T2, Caravan, Ainigma, Gift, Truth & Janey, King Crimson, Genesis (Peter Gabriel era only), Hard Meat, Hackensack, Fantasy, Flower Travellin' Band, Hell Preachers Inc. (Deep Purple recorded this album without revealing their names) etc. I'll send you a full CD list to your email ID. I'm sure you'll find something of your interest.

I've put up requests for the Poobah LP on Chris's site.

Btw, do you have 2066 & Then's 3-sided LP (the first ever reisuue on Second Battle label SB001) Reflections On The Past (different from the CD reissue called Reflections) which contains alternate versions of the original Lp tracks plus 3 unreleased songs? This band is awesome heavy prog-rock from Germany.


Time Traveller said...

Sounds great aveek!

BTW--I do not have the 2066 & Then 3 sided thing, but I do have Reflections.

Good luck with Chris, I will try to get over and request it too, and click on his links. I may have
try that too.
Nahhhh, not right now.

Aveek from India said...

Hi TT,

I too have Reflections, awesome, ain't it? Still recall the opening notes.

Thnaks again. Waiting for my requests to grace your blog, ha ha...:)!!!


TechUK said...

I note your comments about the difficulty of finding good sources of covers, and attach the one I use a lot. Covers a number of websites with it's search engine, so enjoy and hope you have more luck with the esoteric and the unobtainable.

Hope your keeping well.
Keep up the good work.

Ivan Totoche said...

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Take the groups who can play a song more than 8 minutes and you are sure it is excellent !
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Ivan Totoche said...

Youve done a big job! really impressive. You should join to progressive rock until jazz-fusion-progressive rock.
Take the groups who can play a song more than 8 minutes and you are sure it is excellent !
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zab said...

I found it at last! Bryons, thanks for the LW, it's appreciated.

Rockin Ricky said...

I see you posted PFM a while back (Jet Lag) but I really would like to hear Chocolate Kings by PFM if you have it. Thanks for all your posting. Its fab!

Ray said...

Don't change a thing.... It is obvious you have your head screwed on when it comes to music. I stopped listening to music when disco came out... your blog got me listening again. Opened up a new respect for music...can't believe I was stuck in the mainstream radio stuff for so long and overlooked all these gems...better late then never. Keep up the good work...take care

rocketboy said...

I kinda love the wacky stuff best, so I vote for the garage/pyschedelic trend. Whatever, great work, and it has helped ease the heartache of the loss of many albums that have disappeared over the years.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had a posting of Mason Proffit. And if so is it possible to post some.