Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Another day...another download

Before we begin I wanted to let the guy from Lost and Found know I will get those 2 Heads Hands and Feet LPs up here tomorrow for sure!! I've been kinda busy the last couple days taking care of requests on different sites.

Now, for today.......

2 Trapeze Lps --

Their 1st from 1970. Not like the other Trapeze Lps this is a a more folky-psychy after not real far removed from labelmates the Moody Blues. The other is Hot Wire from 1974. More like the Medusa and You Are the Music albums.


Next up is the great debut LP from Link Wray & the Wraymen. Released in 1960 on Epic (LN 3661). Could this be the first garage LP ever?

For fans of acoustic folk rock in the vein of Leo Kottke is the Toulouse Engelhardt Toullusions LP. Released in 1975 on the Briar
label (#4203).

Side One - It Sounds Like It's About To Start/Air to the Quiver of Angel Wings/Rocku Mountain Bringdown/Prelude to a Yawn/Pressed Hams/Margie Wasn't Worth Asteroids/15 Years is 20 Up the River/Young Goodman Brown Joined the Confederacy

Side Two - Sailkatz Lament/Revelations at Lunada Bay/Disposable Bag/Knoxville Blues/Peewater Springs Nocturne/Fire In O'Doodlees's Popcorn Factory

Lastly, but not leastly here are a couple of shorts.

The first is is a smoking jam featuring Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughan. I d/led this off of one of those PTP sites a long time ago and no info was available on it. But it's absolutely killer!!
25 minutes of guitar firworks!!

And here are a few more rare radio spots. These are Anti drug spots from the late 60s and early 70s.



roggelstroe said...

Hi Time Traveller,
Thank you for your message, I did't want to bother you... sorry! I was very excited when I read you will send it. Now I must wait with the download till Monday, I'm not at home on weekend, but I count the hours....

Anonymous said...

hey there, thanks for the Toulouse Engelhardt! never heard of him and is an interesting listen!~Cheers!

Eddie Riff said...

Hey, Bryon. Thanks for the great stuff. I haven't heard Toulouse's album in years. Love that Rick Griffin cover. My brother will be so excited about the Trapeze stuff.

Hazy Dave said...

Perhaps it's well known, but the Trapeze debut album was produced by the Moody Blues' bassist, John Lodge, and was the second LP released on the Moodies' Threshold label, THS-2. (THS-1 was To Our Children's Children's Children.) Their later, harder rocking albums are pretty good too, but as a big fan of that classic Moody Blues formation, I particularly enjoy this Trapeze album's unique charm.

Nils Tibor said...

Hi Time Traveller !

Here are the links for the two Dictators albums I wrote about earlier this week.

I hope you'll enjoy them.

Rock On !!!



Time Traveller said...


I cannot thank you enough!!!

Please let me know if you'd like me to leave links these up here, or remove them!!


Time Traveller said...

Hazy Dave,

Thanks for some insight! I remembered about Lodge producing that (after you mentioned it, of course).


Nils Tibor said...

Hi Time Traveller !

I'm glad that you enjoy the albums with the Dictators.
It's pity that they never got the big break in the 70's.

It's okey that the links are left on your blog.