Thursday, March 02, 2006

Baroques Warpig

This is a small post just a get 2 files I didn't get to yesterday out of the way before a rather large posting tonight. This is the only official LP these guys released in their2 year lifetime, on the Chess label. Apparently Chess was trying to branch into rock for a brief period and most of those releases were on the Cadet label making this one of the few rock LPs of any kind on that label. It was released in 1967 (Chess
S-1516). Track list below. This is one of the few pics I could find of the cover. Sorry for the pops and cracks on this one.

1 Iowa, a Girls Name
2 Seasons
3 Mary Jane Borgenhagen
4 Rose Colored Glasses
5 Musical Tribute to the Oscar
6 In Silverlight
7 This Song Needs Nointroduction
8 There's Nothing Left to Do
9 Bicycle
10 Purple Day
11 Boop
12 Love in a Circle

Here is Warpig, an album that tends to be very illusive as far as any info goes. No pics, not listed on any site I can find so I wonder if it was ever officially released. Any info, anyone? I do know it rocks and is a recording that finds it's way to my player quite often. Turn this one up loud and savor it!!!!!

Briefly here is what is coming later today:

Linn County - Proud Flesh Soothseer
The Statler Brothers - The Complete Lester Roadhog Moran (request from Lost and Found albums blogs--a great blog to post your want lists created by Hans and Madame Candyman)
The Wailers - Tall Cool One
Freakout - The Great New Guitar Sounds (exploito psych release)

And here is what I have lined up for the next day or two-----

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (Russ Meyer Soundtrack)
Brave Belt 2
Womb - same
Outer Space Music - same
Bad Channels - rare out of print soundtrack featuring the mighty B.O.C.
the Shaggs - Wink (not the girl group outsider music, this is a garage band)
and some really cool krautrock and of course, much more psych and hard rock rarities


Anonymous said...

i wait for this!!
thanks for your blog

Anonymous said...

Brave Belt???


me said...

i did you a little favor,
watch your counter

detroitsuperfly said...

Hans turned me on to this site. Thanks!

mike said...

check out this site for some more info. your blogs shaping up real good.mike

gypsum gypsy said...

Oh, Man! That was FAST. Thank you in advance for posting Statler Bros. and for the most righteous p-rock posts. Can't be too boring in Ohio with these tunes at hand eh? PS. Thank you Hans for the referral to Time Traveller.

Anonymous said...

a bit of info on warpig is at "freakemporium" ...

Anonymous said...

more WARPIG info here:

Hazy Dave said...

That Baroques album isn't too bad in a late 60's minor league midwest band kind of way. Nice to finally hear it after skipping past it in the "Local Artists" rack so many times so many years ago... At least it doesn't contain any covers of "Hey Joe" or "If I Needed Someone". Thanks!

Anonymous said...


This is the best blog ever.
I'd be really grateful if you could reload the Baroques LP. There's a couple of tracks I don't have.

Thanks Matthew

Anonymous said...

The site said the "warpig" file has been deleted. there isn't anyway you could re-upload it or email it to me is there?