Friday, March 03, 2006

Another time space and dimension............

First off I'd to thank everyone for stopping and checking out this place. It's starting to feel like home.

Also thanks to Hans whose Hans GENE blog was one of my inspirations to give this thing a shot, and has sent many visitors my way!

Now off we go into the wild blue yonder (wherever that is)........

Here's something completely different! This is actually the Statler Brothers whose '67 hit Flowers On the Wall ensured their coolness forever. This was a request and I don't really remember what the reason I even have this is, but I do (hey, I have some ABBA too, so........). Anyways, this is is not your average Statler Bros. release. Originally unleashed upon country fans in 1974 it is a spoof of the old time radio shows that played in every little nook and cranny of the world at one time. But Lester and the Boys are really not very good, or maybe they are so bad they're good. Which, considering the fact that they were such a tight group on their "real" records, begs a question. Is it easier for the good to play bad than it is for the bad to play good?? Does that even make any sense? Does anyone care?

This one will disappoint a few people. The disc I had archived this album on said (well the disc didn't say it but the computer flashed a message) two of the files were unreadable and could not be recovered. (Not in those exact words, I am paraphrasing here). But I digress or something, this is NOT complete and accept my apologies, but I thought I'd go ahead and throw it up anyway. 5 of the 7 original tracks of Linn County - Proud Flesh Soothseer (PS if anyone can help out with the other two tracks--I'd be forever indebted!!).

Many call it garage rock, but I think it's more like frat rock. It's The Wailer's Tall Cool One, and unfortunetly mine is from the 1964 Imperial mono album, not this snazzy Collectables CD, but mine didn't have a cover because back when I burned it no one knew what a scanner was (or at least I didn't). These guys are great though and I dig em a lot.

These four ladies to the left are known as Vanilla Ninja. "Why are they called Vanilla Ninja?" you may ask. "Well I have no idea" I'd reply, "but they are quite the honeys and they look a hell of a lot better than the blank space that would be next to the next album I uploaded because I couldn't find a pic of it!!! " That slab o' vinyl is called Freakout!! (please never forget those two exclamation points) - The Great New Guitar Sounds. Exploito psych at it's worst and released on two different labels (and the songs were recycled more than that) Spin O Rama and Premier (the later is where mine came from) .
Most of it is just your basic studio hacks jammin on 1965 go-go bar music with a King Curtis wannabe honkin' like his paycheck depended on it. I say this is one of the worst because the band really didn't try to sound psychedelic at all, but I think the case may be these tracks were rehauled from other attempts at exploitation. So here it is, and I swear the vinyl looked mint on this!!!!

An early start to posting some of favorite Krautrock albums is the 1st LP from the band Rufus Zuphall - Weil Der Teufel. It sounds like Jethro Tull circa "This Was" on some serious drugs. I absolutely love it. It was originally released in 1969 on the Good Will label. Enjoy!

Hope you all like these and more on the way tomorrow. Goodnight!!!


skippy said...

Thanks for the cool stuff. Came by via Hans.

detroitsuperfly said...

Hey, you wouldn't happen to have any Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders, would you?

Eddie Riff said...

Hey, Bryon. Thanks for the Linn County. Even without a couple of tracks, it's great to hear again after a few decades. Did you find that Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies disc you mentioned?

Time Traveller said...

Hi Eddie,

I have that Joe Byrd very handy. It's one of the more tripped out albums I have. As I said over at L&F its from vinyl and there are a few pops and cracks on it but it's on my list to convert and it will arrive here tonight with several other things

Time Traveller said...


Sorry, no Wayne and the CC Riders, I used to have an album on Bethlehem from 1970 but it's not anywhere to be found.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Lester "Roadhog" Moran. A guy named Fiddlin' Joe Shewbridge turned me on to that one in the 80's. Joe was in Patsy Cline's original band from way back.

Wichitaw said...

Sure would love to see a repost of the Statler Brother's Lester Roadhog Moran album since it has been removed.That was funny stuff. It would bring back great memories.