Sunday, March 12, 2006

Gettin' a bit countrified on a lazy Sunday

Well, it's another lazy Sunday 'round here and I decided to post some hippie country and lighter sounds for your listening pleasure. Also, down at the bottom of the page I have posted links from files I posted at other sites, and since you never know what may happen, I decided to put them here too!

Here's the 1974 LP by NRPS. It was released on Columbia 32450.
This was by request from Groovy Fab forum.

This is some Kraut-country-rock I guess. It's not really, but it does have some definite southern influences running through it's proggy-bluesy tones. Great album too. Released in Germany on Bellaphon (298 09117) back in the hazy daze of 1971, its album No. 2 by Kin Ping Meh.

I found the back cover of a boot of this radio show recorded 9-30-71 in Columbia Studios live. It's the great Poco and it's extremely nice sound quality!

And finally for today (unless I get bored later) here is an album that doesn't quite fit the theme, but I uploaded it yesterday and forgot to post it. So here is Nucleus' outstanding prog opus Solar Plexus. Released in 1971 on the highly collectible Vertigo label (6360-039).

Some links to my files that were originally posted elsewhere.

Spooky Tooth-You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw

Spooky Tooth - Spooky Two

Gentle Giant - Aquiring the Taste

Gentle Giant - Power and the Glory

McDonald & Giles - same (there is a higher bit rate posted elsewhere)

Nilsson - Nilsson Schmillson and Son of Schmillson

another Spooky Tooth - Last Puff


Lisa Sinder said...

Great posts! Have linked you to my blog! Thank you!

roggelstroe said...

Hi Time Traveller,
yes, yes, yes, I've got back my beloved "" from Heads, Hands and Feet which I lost a couple of years ago. Also the other one you sent is fantastic, I did't knew it before.
Thank you so much, I'll keep these both like the apple of my eye, you made me very happy!

Anonymous said...

I'm the one who requested the NRPS at GroovyFab Forum.

All I can say is: THANKS IMMENSELY!!!

There was a lamentable hole in my collection, and this definitely helps to fill it!

Anonymous said...

Me again ...

NRPS @256 kbps too!!!

It don't git no better than this!

Walknthabass said...

Had to drop by and say much thanks for the NRPS and the Live Poco!

Anonymous said...

i didn't know the NRPS: so i think some good country is great!!
thanks for your blog

Walknthabass said...

I'm back! Just wanted to say that Poco stuff is F***king great. What harmonies!!!

Here's a Poco treat! Not as good as this but still not too bad for RealMedia!

Anonymous said...

The Rapidshare Nilsson files wouldn't open!


Did anyone else have any trouble?

I need some lime in my coconut!

Thanks so much for all you do!

Only the best!

Anonymous said...

I tried the Poco, too, and got the same error!

I'm using stuffit 8 and get this error:

Engine error: format error

Is the problem on my end.

I can open Rapidshare .rar's from Hans' site and others.

How can I join the party?

I need sweet sounds!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

HI, just discovered your blog and it's simply GREAT! thanks for the Spooky Tooth links, sadly the LAST PUFF one was deleted, by some mysterious force of the nature, who knows? I immensely appreciate the YOU BROKE MY HEART SO...ONE. I have this album (vinyl). This band had two fantastic vocalists (Mike Harrison and Gary Wright). Just want to say that my vinyl album has the same cover of the CD edition ( ando not the indicated as the original cover), as someone wrote in the file. Thanks and a gain, great job!