Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thank God It's Saturday.........

Missus Beastly! What can I say about this album? It is very early Krautrock and it is borderline psychotic. I love to play this for people. If they don't like it, I play it again. It's that fun!!!! This one was released in '69 and then reissued in '74. Sorry about the tags, the guy who sent it to me didn't tag them right and I never got around to fixing them. I'm sure the titles are floating in cyberspace somewhere.

Another great LP no one seems to talk about is the self titled first LP by Womb. Released in 1969 also, on Dot records, this one is of the psych folk variety, with male/female vocals and a trippy rural vibe. For a little while.....then acid bent fuzz guitar comes ripping out of your speakers, rave ups and freak outs appear out of nowhere and it all goes horribly into damage mode. Challenging and fun to listen to. Anybody have their other LP?

By the way this ones titles are as follows:

Side One-Conceptions of Reality/Mary Miles Ryan, Where Are You?/Morning Rises Early/Peace/My Baby Thinks About the Good Things

Side Two: Hang On/ the Happy Egotist

The pics keep getting bigger and bigger. This album sells routinely for four figures. I received my CD-R version in a free trade with a guy who routinely sells albums like this for four figures. I have made my judgement and will then turn it over to you, if I paid over one thousand dollars for this, I would be in a very dark depression for many weeks after the purchase. This is the "other" Shaggs, a garage band who released this in 1967 on MMC (probably their own imprint). No number was assigned. It is basically garage covers done fairly note for note. God, I hate when I wait years to hear something and it disappoints like this did.

Back later with more.


dan said...

THANKS for Beyond the Valley of the Dolls! Have searched for this for years.

Hazy Dave said...

Well, I'm glad you didn't pay big money to hear the Shaggs, too! I assumed this was the same Wisconsin band that did "Stop And Listen", but if so, they put their time to good use between this LP and that 45. Writing some garage psyche punk originals and buying a fuzzbox were good ideas, for starters.

Speaking of Wisconsin bands, don't ever buy a record by the Skunks on Teen Town unless you want to hear someting that makes these guys sound relatively good. A pale imitation of the Cryan' Shames was adequate to build a local following at the time, I regret to say.

Oh well, at least there's another version of "Hey Joe" to add to the collection!

Time Traveller said...

Is it (the Skunks) the "Sugar & Spice" Cryan Shames or the "Ben Franklin's Almanac" Cryan Shames? If it were the later, I'd be interested, if it's the former, no thanks, too much of that fluff goin round!!!

Anonymous said...


MISSUS BEASTLY "Nara Asst Incense" Germany 1969

Track Listing:
XOX (1:24) / Uncle Sam (5:37) / Shame On You (8:55) / Decision (2:54) / Chinese Love Song (0:59) / Mean Woman (Woody Mouse) (7:55) / Aphrodisiakum (8:56)

(NOTE - Seems that CLS & MW(WM) are together)

Lutz Oldemeier - drums
Atzen Wehmeyer - guitar, vocals
Petja Hofman - bass, vocals
Wolfgang Nickel - keyboards


Hansi Fischer - flute (3)
Chris Karrer - guitar
John Weinzierl - guitar
Dieter Serfas – drums

Anonymous said...

BTW (me again w/ the track listings..)

'Aphrodisiakum' is in there twice.

Mind the timings when renaming and ordering cuts.

p/s Time Traveler, thanks for the tasty slices..

Hazy Dave said...

Seriously (and perhaps I was unclear in the previous comment) the Shaggs sound pretty good compared to the Skunks. A seriously unimaginative selection of cover material (when it's not outright nauseating), no instrumental dexterity at all, plus high school choir quality, supper club style vocals. Apart from "Little By Little", Tony's Tygers are almost as bad. And I'm no Cryan' Shames fan, but the Sugar & Spice LP does have few decent tunes. In order of exponentially descending quality:

Rubber Soul
The Robbs
Sugar & Spice
Tony's Tygers
The Skunks

Your mileage may vary.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this album. I've always wanted to hear this record.

pascal said...

thank you for "wom "lp: any artwork available???

Fernando said...

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