Monday, March 20, 2006

Still Alive and Getting Well

Well, I only slept 15 hours today, and only asked that my life be taken 10 times, so that must mean I'm getting better. Actually I woke up a few hours ago and had the stamina to do a tiny post. I also worked a bit on those lists and I am now about 80% done. So here just for the sake of getting my brain a little exercize is another gem from the Twink/Pink Fairies camp and a couple more links I posted other places and wanted to add on here.

The photos don't seem to wanna go on here, but there are tons of pics on the web for any of these so, here they are......

Pink Fairies - Mandies and Mescaline Round At Uncle Harry's

Mish mash of BBC recordings. Tracks 1 & 2 are from Top Gear 11-28-70, 3 & 4 are from the Inconcert program 11-4-71 and 5 & 6 are from Glastonbury Fayre 6-24-71. All tracks are nice sound quality with the exception of the Glastonburies which are a bit rough, but the performances more than make up for it. Paul Rudolph's guitar work was in top form that day. Also on the In Concert tracks the Move's Trevor Burton was present during his short stint in the band and it's nice to hear the Fairies fleshed out with 2 guitars.

And here are those couple other links:

Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Tooth Fang & Claw @ 320 (one file, not separated)

Van Der Graaf Generator - Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Live (1975 Atlantic records)

Now I'm gonna pass out again.



grilledcheesesandwich said...

Thanks for the Van Der graaf. I'm not a big prog fan but i heard these guy's are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

15 hours sleeping?!!
are you sure that's not an acid trip!!

shreut said...

A big thanks for the Pink Fairies!

radio tinman said...

just ran across your blog. love it!

Beowulf said...

Got to your site via a link from spacedsaviour blog

Thanks for the Pink Fairies & Twink here are a few you might not have

Pink Fairies - Live at the Roundhouse 75 (1975) @128
(Covers Included)
01 - City Kids
02 - Waiting For The Man
03 - Lucille
04 - Uncle Harry's Last Freakout
05 - Going Down
06 - As Long As The Price Is Right
07 - Waiting For the Lightning To Strike
08 - Can't Find The Lady
09 - No Second Chance
10 - Talk Of The Devil
11 - I Think It's Coming Back Again
12 - Do It 1977
13 - Psychedelic Punkeroo
14 - Enter The Diamonds
Password = beowulf
. 64.52 MB
2 Stiff Singles @320
Pink Fairies - Between The Lines - 1977
Larry Wallis - Police Car - 1977
Password = beowulf
. 9.48 MB
Twink - Think Pink (1970) @vbr<320
01. Coming of the One
02. Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box
03. Dawn of Majic
04. Tiptoe on the Highest Hill
05. Fluid
06. Mexican Grass War
07. Rock and Roll the Joint
08. Suicide
09. Three Little Piggies
10. Sparrow Is a Sign
Password = sonic
. 28.61 MB 25.12 MB

Mouse & Twink - Out Of The Pink Into The Blues (1972) @192
01 - Out Of The Pink Jam
02 - Red House
03 - Going Home
04 - Find Yourself Another Fool
05 - Talk To Me Baby
06 - Oye Come Va
07 - Youngblood
08 - Steppin Out
09 - Tulsa Time
10 - Kansas City
11 - Rambling
12 - Out Go The Lights
13 - Midnight RamblerMidnight Rambler Return
Password = sonic
. 38.15 MB 36.59 MB

Space Chief said...

Thanks for the Van Der Graaf! I've listened some of their songs on, but have never been able to find any of their albums. Can I humbly ask for "Pawn Hearts" or "Godbluff" next?

Time Traveller said...

dtfloyd -- I swear I've had less intense trips than this damn flu or whatever it is!!!

beowulf--many thanks for the shares, the only one I had was Twink's Think Pink, but you're 320 rip was much better!! I also used to have the Larry Wallis 7" in that black & white pic sleeve!! That was about the time he was in Motorhead, if memory serves correctly.

space chief - I have both of those and I will get them up in the next couple days!