Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So much music.....so little time

I think I have all the bases covered today. I have some free time and I went on an uploading frenzy. I am frazzled!

First Up: Illinois Speed Press (1st album only, but this is the only good cover pic I could find. If anyone has Duet, I'd love to hear all of it, I have only managed to find a couple tracks.
Released in 1969 on Columbia records #9792. Cool bluesy rock.
Produced by James Guercio who was responsible for Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago, so take that as either a plus or a warning, but I will say this sounds little like either of the aforementioned.



For those hard rockers out there, here is
a hard rock classic originally released on Kapp records in 1971 (#3656). It's Budgie's first and this is the from the out of print CD version with the extra track (Crash Course In Brain Surgery) that Metallica covered (when Metallica was worth a damn).


Here is some pop psych from the Candymen. Some of these guys ended up in the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

The Candymen's 1st LP was released on ABC records 616.


Here's some more hard rock from Bloodrock.
Bloodrock 2 was released in 1970 on Capitol records (#470). Lucky in the Morning, the lead track was written by the great John Nitzinger.
This one has their only top 40 hit, the gruesome "D.O.A." in it's full length version so you can live through the whole crash.


Now for some rarer stuff here is Ginhouse's first LP. Forgot to pull up the basics on this one, but here it is anyway. Great obscure prog.


And some more great prog--Gryphon's Midnight Mushrumps from 1974.


And even more great Italian prog from PFM with Jet Lag. It's no "Cook", but it's very good stuff!


And in the hard psych catagory here is Art - Supernatural Fairytales. Art's LP was released in 1967 on Island records (#0967) in the UK. Art was basically pre-Spooky Tooth. Members were Mike Harrison, Mike Kellie, Greg Ridley and Luther Grosvenor. Produced by the infamous Guy Stevens who was also responsible for the Hapshash LP below.


Hope you all enjoy these.


Anonymous said...

The Illinois Speed Press album is great. i had it on vinyl years ago and wore it out, before some slacker decided he needed it (and the rest of my collection) more than me. Thanx for this one. great blog, and some really nice stuff here i'd forgotten about or never heard in the first place.

Donno said...

A very nice mix today. I shall be availing myself of the Gryphon, an excellent album, The Art because I'm a fan of Spooky Tooth and have never heard this and also the Gin House because I used to have the album a long time ago and can't for the life of me recall what it's like (not a good sign I think).
Thanks for the great shares.

Cliff from Memphis said...

Thanks for the very rare posts!This guy played the Bloodrock D.O.A. when I was 11.Still can't listen to it today.(shiver).There was a great phyc-acid group in the 70s called "The Glass Bottle" that would be a great find if any of your sources have them.

Time Traveller said...

Cliff, you should post it over at the LostandFoundalbums blog. Chances are somebody has it.

zab said...

I'm going to grab that Budgie one when I get the chance - only for nostalgia as they were regular visits to the club we used to go to.

roggelstroe said...

Thanks for all the wonderful music in your Blog, be sure, I download them all.
I didn't tell my name when i've been searching for LP's from HEAD, HANDS AND FEET, sorry, but I'am new on Blogs for this excuse me (and excuse my bad English too). Your answered to my request on lostandfoundalbums) that you have some stuff, but I didn't find (am I too stupid?)
Would be very pleased to hear from you.
Greetings from Hamburg/Germany

Time Traveller said...

Yes, I do have 2 of their LPs, I have to rip into mp3 and upload them here. I should have them up by tomorrow.

Walknthabass said...

Thanks for the Illinois Speed Press!!

Use to play in a band that played P. N. S. (When You Come Around). Have to post a copy of us doing that sometime.

This brings back lots of memories!

StrengthofStrings said...

Hey thanks for the illinois speed press. I'm a big fan of early poco, mainly Richie Furay era but think Paul Cotton wrote some great songs. On initial listen I'm really pleased with this one. Thanks!

Madame Candyman said...

Really digging the Candymen, quite a find.

shreut said...

Wow I Really liked the Art LP! Better than Spooky Tooth (no! don't hit me!)
Also grabbed Ginhouse, that is a very nice album.
Many thanks for all your great records.

furrball said...

Any chance you can re-up The Candymen albumm on a different host? The comp I'm using screws up the RapidShare stuff something awful!