Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some lovely music for a rainy Saturday

I am taking a break from the ark building (I don't think it's ever going to stop raining here) to present you with 5 more artifacts from my collection. Again, I present you will the music and basic info, as details can be found so many places on the net, it's redundant to copy them here. First up today is the Bedside Manners Are Extra LP from (Dave) Greenslade. Released in 1973 in the UK on the Warner Brothers label (#46529).

Next up is John Fahey's Blind Joe Death Vol.1 LP from 1967. This is not the original cover.

And here is the very cool Quiet Sun LP Mainstream from 1975. Released on the Antilles label (#7008). It was produced by Roxy Music's Phil Manzenera and guests include Eno among others.

Here's some cool info:

Since I have seen the other LP posted somewhere else I thought I would stick the other Pavlov's Dog LP on here. This is their 2nd and last LP At the Sound of the Bell was released on Columbia in 1976 (#33694). I have since found out there are 2 further P.D. LPs available. So go to groovyfab and join their forum to get 'em!!!

Last up for today is Nektar's 1973 LP Journey To the Center of the Eye.


zab said...

just a quick note re pavlovs dog - there were two further albums produced; one sort of filtered out as a bootleg and a 4th was a studio release which featured Surkamp and Rayburn.

If you want I can post them over at groovies but it won't be until tomorrow.

Microdot said...

Hey bryon,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for Time Traveller. It's one of the best blogsites. A nice steady flow of gems at a medium pace. Chris needs to slow down lol!

Just waiting for my rapidshare time will let get Nektar.

Thanks again!

Eddie Riff said...

Hey, Bryon. Thanks for the Quiet Sun and Greenslade albums. Great to replace more lostalbums!

Time Traveller said...

Thanks for the nice notes everyone!!

zab--I'd love to hear to hear the other Pavlov's stuff.

Micro--my hard drive has a hard time keeping up with Chris too!! Everything goes pretty quick except the uploads at rapidshare, if it weren't for that I'd probably upload more than most people can handle too! BTW--Chris just posted Primevil's Smokin' Bats at Comptons!?!?!? Where does he find this stuff? Amamzing.

Eddie--I'll do my best to keep 'em coming!! I try to do the medium rares instead of the ultra rares, so I should be in business for awhile. BTW--If you find any of that Greasy Truckers keep me in mind!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Thank you for the great posts.
But I'm sorry to say, there seems to be something wrong with the Greenslade
album. It's 5 times the first track with some minutes or seconds of the second one. Or is it me?

ninelap said...

Great great blog!

Need some help though - the Fahey is split into 4 tracks - the third track (2.36 minute-long) - you couldn't tell me what the name of it is??

Help appreciated!

Johnny Mosrite said...

Very pleased to have found your blog. Some great music here. Thanks for 'Quiet Sun' in particular. I have the vinyl up in the loft somwhere - it'll be good to listen to it again. :-)

noboruwatanabebop said...

Dunno why I didn't download the Quiet Sun back in the day, but I am now. Vinyl is nice, but digital I can take to work!