Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'd better be well now........

I just wasn't getting any better so the doctor gives me some antibiotics and I took 'em. I must have been hyper sensitive to them because I swear I saw myself fly away with a big happy grin. They seem to have done the job but i was in a stupor for the last two days. So to slowly get back on track here are a few tasty morsels to enjoy. Tomorrow I will post more VDGG and I have a couple more surprises coming, so stop by!

Here's the Open Mind, released on Philips in the UK back in '69 it is a prime piece of the British psych puzzle. (#SBL-7893).
It's in glorious 320 kbps and if you are a fan of UK psych, you gotta have this!!!!! I will say no more.

Someone over at the groovyfab forum was looking for this--a prime slab of 70's hard rock from Poobah, this being their '72 LP Let Me In. This is one hard to come slice o wax and the pic I nabbed of comes from an import CD which was selling for 26.75. I'll let you have it much cheaper (the music that is). These guys were from the Columbus, Ohio area. I have another great LP by these guys called Steamroller and if it isn't already posted somewhere else I'll rip and stick it up here.

Here is another slice of Italian.....prog for everyone. Honestly, I did not know I had this and while looking for an album for a friend today literally stumbled upon it. It is their 1968 LP and as I have not fully digested it yet, I will hold all comments. Let me know what you think!!!

ANd this one is for a patient soul over at lostandfoundalbums blog. I promised this Tuesday and I apologize. This is the lone LP from the "group" Steam. It was really a studio group from producer Paul Leka that ending up touring after the hits from this LP became big. There are 2 other songs that are such rip offs of that damn Na Na Na song, I'm amazed Leka didn't sue himself for plagerism. But it's fun dreamy bubblegummy stuff from the Archies era and they sure don't make 'em this way anymore.


By the way, Beowulf left some great links for Twink/Pink Fairies fans in the comments of 2 posts previous, thanks Beowulf!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

glad to hear you`re on the road to recovery...without you where would I get all the cool stuff from ?
thanx to beowulf for the fairies that I didn`t have in my collection, but do now......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the New Trolls album !!
If you own "UT" and "tempi dispari" surelly I will be very happy to see them posted here.

thanks again

Anonymous said...

thanks alot for the Poobah(I requested it on the groovyfab forum). I'd definitely be interested in checking out Steamroller

Anonymous said...

hello bryon!!
first, good recovery
and thank you for the open minds' album
i'll take the new trolls later and i'll post my advice after one or two or more listening
thanks for your blog

musicgnome said...

I owe you...

How would I send YOU a link for some goodies to enjoy or share with others?

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Musicgnome--the best way to send me the links is either by just posting them here (that's what beowulf did, or if you'd like me to post them on my blog for everyone to see, just email the links to me. My email address is on my profile page.

All here (myself included) would be most appreciative of any new music!!

Anonymous said...

I had to post as annon but its me. My blogger account seems down at the moment


Derrick Bostrom said...

Thanks very much for the rip of the Steam album. Thanks especially for the high bit rate, since I'm going to try to clean it up a little bit.

Anonymous said...

sorry man but that is by far one of the worst covers I've ever seen