Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More groovy tuneage for ya!!!

Here's some more of my favorite psych LPs. Sorry about the low bit rates on some of 'em!!! I didn't rip them, except the Destroy All Monsters. I have been working on this stuff all day so I'm gonna skip the formalities and give you the music. *A cheer rises off in the distance.*

First up: Pussy - Pussy Plays (gotta love the huge pic I uploaded of it!!!) . Wonder if they had any problems scoring gigs with that name.

Next up is a cool album from '71 or '72 by the Power of Zeus called the Gospel According to the Power of Zeus. Couldn't get the pic to upload but if you google it you'll find plenty to choose from, and hopefully you won't get the rotten one I picked.

Next here's a semi-legit French release on Fan Club records of the Legendary Destroy All Monsters Live circa 1979. Little to no info on the release and the sound is totally bass heavy (sounds like the speaker was next to the bass amp) but still very enjoyable.

Last for now but certainly not least is a long 4 track EP from da Fugs entitled "the Atlantic Records demo-1966". Another one that I know next to nothing about but sound quality is great and the songs are pretty cool too.

That's all for now and I apologize for any typos and stuff, I am typing this with my head on the pillow and one eye shut!!!


mike said...

the very thought of the fugs being on atlantic records in '65/66 is just too much at the moment. i'm gonna check this out. good onya byrons for putting this up. mike

mike said...

sorry bryons, got your name typoed. mike

Anonymous said...

exellent blog
i write you in my favorites
it' good to try magical (and rare) album of the music we like on different blog
thank you very much

gypsum gypsy said...

O yea, almost forgot: Did you see this