Thursday, March 16, 2006

Variety is the spice of life....

..and here are 4 very diverse albums. Zephyr's Going Back to Colorado featuring the great Tommy Bolin, Love's Studio-Live a mish mash of outtakes and live stuff originally released in 1982, Soft Machine's 5 which sounds like a lost John Coltrane opus and Bullfrog's second album ((th a fantastic cover IMHO) High In Spirits
Also if you downloaded the Psychedellic Guitars LP, Hazy Dave sent me a very nice pic of cover for everyone to check out as I couldn't find one anywhere. I will upload it to this post and you can put them together. Thanks Hazy!!!
As I am hard at work putting together want lists and other lists I will just present you with la musica. Enjoy!!!

First up from 1977 here is Bullfrog - High In Spirits


Here is Love's mish mash of studio and live outtakes called Studio/Live.


Here's Zephyr's Going Back To Colorado. A great bluesy rock LP with the late great Tommy Bolin.



the Soft Machine 5

And here's the



Nils Tibor said...

Hi Time Traveller!

Bullfrog was a great group.
I have their first 2 CD's.
I like "High In Spirits" better than the first one.

I wonder if you have their third and last album from 1979 "Second Wind" to upload?

Friendlier said...

In Boulder, Colorado in the early 70s I used to see Zephyr all the time. They were a play-free-in-the-park-while-everybody's-trippin'-and-playin'-frisbee kind of band. Tommy Bolin of course went on to other things later, but at the time he was just a goofy hippy boy with guitar licks for days. I remember them playing an STP Family (complete wino-speed freak street hippies) party at their house in Nederland. They did an amazing 45-minute or so version of Pharoah Sanders' "The Creator Has a Master Plan." on a stage lit with hundreds of candles. Wonder what Candy Givens is up to nowadays?

Thanks for posting this album, TT. Do you have the first one, with the bathtub painting on the cover?

Microdot said...

I've been on a Bullfrog kick since I got the first album at Lisa Sinder's site.

I have to agree with nils tibor that is a little better than the first. Not that the first was bad because it's great. You can hear that Bullfrog improved as a band with the lyrics and arrangements. Plus by the looks of that slick album cover it looks like a lot more money went into production. These guys should have been more well known. They remind me of Black Oak Arkansas in a lot of ways, maybe the vocals.

Speaking of the cover art, there's a bigger picture at 280 x 280 to be exact.

Thanks bryon

Anonymous said...

Sadly,the Love stuff is hidden behind a format error that happens when I try to expand it after download.

Anyone having the same problem?

Thanks so much for all the lovely music.

I must have my Arthur Lee!

joewad said...

The Zephyr link is dead. Im a huge T. Bolin fan, can you repost?

Anonymous said...

I have the psychedelic guitars album. Jerry Cole is the guitarist. He did a lot of sessions for Crown Records that ended up repacked many different ways.