Monday, March 20, 2006

Prog Italian Style

Today I have uploaded some Italian prog (by request of Eddie Riff) .

Le Orme's 1970 L'Aurora @192

From 1973 Le Orme's Felona E Sorona (with American translation lyrics by Pete Hammill of Van Der Graaf Generator).

And since the above LP has the Pete Hammill vocals I thought a nice segway would be to include Pete's 1st solo album Fool's Mate.
To let all unfamiliar with this Lp know: It is nothing like VDGG, it is upbeat but mellow folk pop. Not at all like his later albums.



Eddie Riff said...

Many thanks for these! The Pete Hammill is an extra treat!

Eddie Riff said...

Hey, bryons. L'Aurora and Pete Hammill work great, but I keep getting corrupt file messages on Felona. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hammill's album
i never hear it so i'll wait 82 minutes!!

Time Traveller said...

Hi Eddie,

I've been checking each file out before I rip it and I just rechecked Felona and it seems to be fine. It may be something in the rar.

Is anyone else having probs with Le Orme's Felona????????

Anonymous said...

Open Felona with Winzip. It's working.

Flash said...

Time Traveller, I couldn't open it either. I'll re-dl and try winzip

Eddie Riff said...

I've tried it with Winrar, Winzip, and Stuffit and they all say the file is corrupt.

Loopy C said...

Concerning 'Felona'-I am on the Mac (OS 10.4.5) and the file won't play in anything I have (I have dozens of audio tools and all report 'this is not a valid mp3'). It does uncompress ok (to a 40.8 mb file).

Anonymous said...

Concerning Felona - wintel system - uncompresses OK. messages say header corrupt on both by conversion programs. Frustrating.