Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More More More

I posted this as a request over at groovy fab forum but thought I'd share it here too. It's Bubble Puppy's only album released on International Artists in 1969. The band evolved into Demian which is more hard rock than psych, and I have it somewhere. I will try to dig it up eventually.


I've also decided to post a couple more from my collection of exploito-psych albums. Today's pair come from the Custom label. This one was released in 1968 (Custom CS-1115)and is actually very good. It's no Unfolding but as far as these things go, the "phantom" band here does a pretty credible job. Interesting and inovative cover of the Hendrix title track. "A Jet" is dead rip off of the Box Tops "the Letter" and "Take It Easy Baby" a rip of Classics V "Spooky" but otherwise some fun stuff here.



This next one is fairly obscure, I couldn't find a pic of it anywhere. It's called Psychedellic Guitars (their spelling not mine). There is no title other than that and it was released in 1967 (Custom 1078). This one, as opposed to the above LP is kind of a turd. Another one kinda like the Freakout album I posted a few days ago. In fact it sounds like it could be the same band with that King Curtis wannabe honkin' along to 60's go go bar music. Difference is the guitars have some fuzz and wah on this one from time to time.



Here is a krautrock LP (also, pretty hard to find a pic of) called Efendi's Garden. It is their self titled LP from 1979.



This final post for today is bit of a change. It's the Sunday Funnies 1972 LP called Benediction. Released on the Rare Earth label (#538) and produced by none other than Andrew "Loog" Oldham (he left the Loog of this one but I stuck it in there). Kind of hard rock mixed with a touch of RnB, nice cover of Reach Out and the opener Get Funky are okay. Not great, but hey, it'll probably never get released on CD, so here it is.





Madame Candyman said...

Thanks for the Sunday Funnies - I've heard all about it but hadn't yet heard it.

Anonymous said...

i know that was post some days before but i listen the ian carr's nucleus album
what a great jazz lp!!
thank you very much

Hazy Dave said...

I have that Psychedellic Guitars LP, so let me know if it would make your day to get a snapshot of the cover. It's even less exciting than the session hack music on the LP... Stock photo of a woman's face multiple exposured, printed too dark and framed by some blue and purple swooshes. Song titles, in case the tags aren't complete (or anyone wants to know before downloading) are Let's Ride Again, Take A Trip, Flowers, Love In, Psychedellic (sic) Ripple, Coming On, Unchained Soul, Way Out, Take Me Back, and Psychedellic (sic) Guitars. Five years earlier, the same songs would have had titles referring to surfing or hot rods and sounded pretty much the same except for the guitar tones. I suppose it's kinda fun, and could be used for a video soundtrack or something without copyright worries if you were making an homage to 60's B-movie psych exploitation flicks. There's extreme stereo panning on a lot of it, you can take the left channel from one song, the right from another, and create your own mix that's only slightly more pointless than the original!

Time Traveller said...

Hi Dave,

I'd like to have a cover. I have searched everywhere for one! I had the album many moons ago, but sold it. I'm looking for another one of those exploito type LPs which I think was on the Custom too, where they mangled Hey Jude beyond belief--sounded like the Legendary Stardust Cowboy singing it. But I am drawing a complete blank on the "group"'s name.

Time Traveller said...

Ya know, I was just thinking, what if you could take the left channel of one of these songs and the right channel from another and come up with the most brilliant song ever recorded?
That was be hilarious!!!

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TheSeeker said...

Please, could you re-upload Efendi's Garden? I'm searchin' for that gem a looong time.