Friday, March 03, 2006

Heres some more fun stuff

Filling some requests and posting a few new surprises this afternoon. Tonight I am gonna catch up on jamming to some of the great new music I've been getting from all the cool blogs out there!!!

First up is the 31st of February - self titled. Typically Vanguard folk psych with Butch Trucks. (1969 Vanguard 6503)

Here is Brave Belt -II, which is basically Bachman Turner Overdrive with a psych vibe and not much Overdrive. No Blair Thornton either. Great album though.

Another request from over at Lost and Found albums, I didn't remember I had this until I was looking for the Joe Byrd LP and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Pretty bad when you have so much stuff you can't remember it all. The Druids of Stonehenge - Creation is another Uni psych classic released in 1968 (#73004). Has yet another cover of Dylan's Baby Blue.

For Riffing Eddie here is Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies with the American Metaphysical Circus released in 1969 on Columbia Materworks (!!) 7317. The beginning is a bit rough but it gets better - I promise!! Check the comments for the tracklisting.

Next, also by request over at L&F is what I believe to be an early form of stoner metal from Ritchie Wise, Kenny Aaronson and Marc Bell (later known the world over as Marky Ramone), Dust. This is the first of their 2 albums and one of my all time faves. From A Dry Camel is brilliant!

And lastly (for now) here is another exploito psych LP featuring JJ Cale!! It's the Leathercoated Minds and their Trip Down the Sunset Strip. JJ Cale wrote the originals (the few there are) and produced the LP. The concept is kinda cool, while listening to the cool tunes you also hear the sounds of the Sunset Strip. Makes you feel like you are there.

The 2nd Dust LP and more more more to come so check back soon!!


Time Traveller said...

Here the tracks for Joe Byrd

1.the Sub Sylvian Litanies
B.You Can't Ever Come Down

2.American Bedmusic I (4 Dreams for a Departing President)
A.Patriot's Lullabye
B.Nightmare Train
c.Invisible Man
D.Mr. 4th Of July

3.Gospel Music For Abraham Roddell Byrd III
A.Gospel Music

4.The Southwestern Geriatrics Arts and Crafts Festival
A.the Sing Along Song
B.the Elephant At the Door
C.Leisure World
D.the Sing Along Song (reprise)

Anonymous said...



Duster said...

hey time traveller, thanks a million for filling my request of the druids. now where's that jarvis street revue. you should look for it yourself if you don't know it. awesome stuff, especially the title track mr. oilman.
psych at it's best. later... :)

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for Brave Belt's "Dunrobin's Gone" for DECADES!!!

This makes me VERY happy! Thank you!!!

Eddie Riff said...

Thanks, Bryon. The Joe Byrd is much appreciated. I have to dig his Christmas cd out of storage and I'll post it for you.

Jimmy said...

I just discovered your blog today, and was excited to see the link for the Joe Byrd album (the melody to "Sing Along Song" has been haunting me for almost 40 years). Unfortunately, the file's no longer there. Any chance of re-posting that one? Thanks!