Sunday, March 12, 2006

I goofed the Greenslade

I got the Greenslade posted below from WinMX a long time ago and it was an albumwrap file. After someone left a comment about it, I checked and found out when the file is extracted it becomes 6 versions of the same song. I always listened to the whole wrap without extracting so I never knew that it extracted that way. So here is the complete file. Don't extract on albumwrap if you have one, use an MP3 splitter because whoever wrapped it screwed it up. Here is the complete file and my apologies to all who downloaded the old one.

Also if you read the comments you will find another solution to the problem. Looks like it's a glitch in the extracting software I had.


Philtno said...

I got the same problem.....with such wraped files .....not only those I took from Winmx....even the ones I made myself. It's a bug in the program I think.
Another options for splitting the file is to use Alba Extractor.....;which work perfectly with Wraped files.
Don't know where I got it....but it's worth checking ;-)

Eddie Riff said...

Hey, Bryon.
I didn't get to listen to the Greenslade before seeing this. I found the Alba Extractor at and it works great. Thanks again!

Time Traveller said...

That's good to know. I will search that one out. In the meantime, I killed the other link but this one can still be extracted.