Friday, March 31, 2006

Here's Larry......

The 2001 release from Larry Wallis, Death in the Guitarfternoon is a great rock album hands down. It's not what many will expect if all you've heard is his Pink Fairies/UFO/Motorhead's 1st album but if you've heard his '77 Stiff 45 (Beowulf left a link to it in one of the comment sections) and enjoyed it, this is a definite sound improvement and still edgy and spirtited like that 45. My only complaint is the vocals but hey everything in life can't be perfect all the time. Larry has as storied a history as Twink and Steve Took, if you'd like a really cool timeline check this out:

and now here is the music!!!


And now I would like a little feedback, would you like me to continue posting only the types of stuff I've been posting or would branching out be more fun. I can do just about anything, I have a fairly decent collection of metal, a bit of punk, a huge bootleg collection and hell, a bit of anything and everything. I would like to hear your thoughts and I will decide where to go from here. There are just so many people doing the psych and prog and only so much of it to go around. If you have any requests I would like to hear those as well as I love posting things I know people want to hear.

Thaks in advance for any replies!


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Randy Holden's first band & more (plus some shares from a friend)

Here is Randy Holden's first band...the Other Half. Although this album doesn't include their best known track (Mr. Pharmacist) it has a lot of similar garage-psych tunes. It was released on Acta records (#38004) in 1968. The album liners tell us that the band always records with their amps turned all the way up and that everyone should listen to the album at least once at FULL VOLUME. I think you should listen to everything that way, but that's just me. What?

Finally before a nice added surprise, here is the 1969 lone Lp from the US band Cykle. The LP was released on their own Label, ingeniously called Label (#9-261) . Not much is known about these guys, but it's one I will leave up to you to decide wheather or not it's a keeper.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Even more Twink!!!

The music gods were smiling on me as I found this most revered piece of the Twink puzzle. I thought it was gone forever but was just hiding from me, as many of my faves do from time to time. This is a session that Mr. John Alder (Twink to you & I) did with none other than Steve Perigrine Took (the other half of the original T.Rex) . It is not quite as good as the Lost Experiemental Recordings but IMHO as good or better than the lone Twink Lp that soon followed. Feast your ears upon Shagrat!!

Here is another fave from the Nektar camp. It is their '76 LP A Tab in the Ocean and was released in the states on Passport (#98017). This wasn't my rip and is only 160kbps but still enjoyable.

And lastly for today here is Rare Bird's 1970 LP As Your Mind Flies By. I have included both the original cover (very nice) and the reissue cover (pile of crap) for you. Both are too damn small, but I am a music harbringer not a graphics peddler. This is a fine piece of of progressive music and should be heard by all who have not.

Be back in a couple days with some more goodies, my time unfortunetly is streched a bit thin this week.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ahhh! Another relaxing Sunday................

Here is another great Poobah LP for you to enjoy.

This is the self titled sole Lp from a jazz-rock-whatever they decide to do next- group of guys who call themselves Archie Whitewater. The album was released on Cadet Concept (#329) in 1970. It really is a mixed bag of sounds with jazz, blues, rock, soul all playing parts. Kinda like a poor man's BS&T but this album is much rarer than anything DCT and the boys ever did.

And yet another installment of of the Van Der Graaf saga. This is Still Life which was the follow-up to yesterday's God Bluff. It was released on Mercury here in the states in 1976 (SRM-1-1096) and is only 160kbps. Still sounds purty good to my ears (and hopefully yours too!!).


And finally for yet another request here is Duster Bennett's great white boy blues LP 12db. Released in 1970 on the Blue Horizon label it has long been a fave. No cover for this one, plenty available on google but I just didn't like the sizes. For some reason it was released with 2 similar but different covers in the US and UK, the design the same on both but the UK's is a bone-tan and the US is a bluesy blue. Oh well, the music is the same in both versions and since this is from one of my old scratchy ass LPs, the file is divided between Side one and Side Two. Track listing as follows:

1 Slim's Tune
2 I Chose to Sing the Blues
3 Sugar Beet
4 I Love My Baby
5 Vitamin Pills
6 Everyday t
7 Act Nice and Gentle
8 Woman Without Love
9 That Mean Old Look
10 Sweeter Than Sugar
11 On Reconsideration
12 Hill Street Rag

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Requests and more.......

First up today are a couple requests for more Van Der Graaf Generator, specifically these 2. From 1971 here is Pawn Hearts (Charisma 1031, UK) and from 1975, God Bluff (Mercury SRM-1-1069 US).

Here's the first Zephyr LP from 1969 in glorious 320!!!

Next up, a request from over at the groovy fab forum Here is Clear Blue Sky's self titled LP ('71 Vertigo 6360-013, UK).

This pic is damn near embarrassin'! But I couldn't find another. Here from 1969 is the Tangerine Zoo's OutsideLookingIn (Mainstream S-6116). A great slab of hard psych.

This is the other Genesis, the U.S. band that did this lone LP on the Mercury label in 1968 (Mercury 61175). Another rotten pic I know but it was this from a choice of 2. If you like the rockier aspect of Peanut Butter Conspiracy, try this out, it has a lot of the PBC qualities, but with acid drenched lead guitar.

And to finish up here are a couple links from other places.

Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain

and the GTO's - Permanent Damage

That's all folks!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'd better be well now........

I just wasn't getting any better so the doctor gives me some antibiotics and I took 'em. I must have been hyper sensitive to them because I swear I saw myself fly away with a big happy grin. They seem to have done the job but i was in a stupor for the last two days. So to slowly get back on track here are a few tasty morsels to enjoy. Tomorrow I will post more VDGG and I have a couple more surprises coming, so stop by!

Here's the Open Mind, released on Philips in the UK back in '69 it is a prime piece of the British psych puzzle. (#SBL-7893).
It's in glorious 320 kbps and if you are a fan of UK psych, you gotta have this!!!!! I will say no more.

Someone over at the groovyfab forum was looking for this--a prime slab of 70's hard rock from Poobah, this being their '72 LP Let Me In. This is one hard to come slice o wax and the pic I nabbed of comes from an import CD which was selling for 26.75. I'll let you have it much cheaper (the music that is). These guys were from the Columbus, Ohio area. I have another great LP by these guys called Steamroller and if it isn't already posted somewhere else I'll rip and stick it up here.

Here is another slice of Italian.....prog for everyone. Honestly, I did not know I had this and while looking for an album for a friend today literally stumbled upon it. It is their 1968 LP and as I have not fully digested it yet, I will hold all comments. Let me know what you think!!!

ANd this one is for a patient soul over at lostandfoundalbums blog. I promised this Tuesday and I apologize. This is the lone LP from the "group" Steam. It was really a studio group from producer Paul Leka that ending up touring after the hits from this LP became big. There are 2 other songs that are such rip offs of that damn Na Na Na song, I'm amazed Leka didn't sue himself for plagerism. But it's fun dreamy bubblegummy stuff from the Archies era and they sure don't make 'em this way anymore.


By the way, Beowulf left some great links for Twink/Pink Fairies fans in the comments of 2 posts previous, thanks Beowulf!!!!!!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Prog Italian Style

Today I have uploaded some Italian prog (by request of Eddie Riff) .

Le Orme's 1970 L'Aurora @192

From 1973 Le Orme's Felona E Sorona (with American translation lyrics by Pete Hammill of Van Der Graaf Generator).

And since the above LP has the Pete Hammill vocals I thought a nice segway would be to include Pete's 1st solo album Fool's Mate.
To let all unfamiliar with this Lp know: It is nothing like VDGG, it is upbeat but mellow folk pop. Not at all like his later albums.


Still Alive and Getting Well

Well, I only slept 15 hours today, and only asked that my life be taken 10 times, so that must mean I'm getting better. Actually I woke up a few hours ago and had the stamina to do a tiny post. I also worked a bit on those lists and I am now about 80% done. So here just for the sake of getting my brain a little exercize is another gem from the Twink/Pink Fairies camp and a couple more links I posted other places and wanted to add on here.

The photos don't seem to wanna go on here, but there are tons of pics on the web for any of these so, here they are......

Pink Fairies - Mandies and Mescaline Round At Uncle Harry's

Mish mash of BBC recordings. Tracks 1 & 2 are from Top Gear 11-28-70, 3 & 4 are from the Inconcert program 11-4-71 and 5 & 6 are from Glastonbury Fayre 6-24-71. All tracks are nice sound quality with the exception of the Glastonburies which are a bit rough, but the performances more than make up for it. Paul Rudolph's guitar work was in top form that day. Also on the In Concert tracks the Move's Trevor Burton was present during his short stint in the band and it's nice to hear the Fairies fleshed out with 2 guitars.

And here are those couple other links:

Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Tooth Fang & Claw @ 320 (one file, not separated)

Van Der Graaf Generator - Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Live (1975 Atlantic records)

Now I'm gonna pass out again.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wow!! 10,000 + Already.....

It's only been a short while since I began this blog and already ten thousand hits has been reached. I am amazed! When I started out I figured if I could turn a few people on to my eclectic taste in tunes it would be worth it. But I never imagined this...hell less than a month ago I never even knew this world existed and I can't express how glad I am I've found it.

I've met several great people since I started doing this, such as Hans (whose inspiration to try this in the first place cannot be stated enough, let alone the fact it was he who sent a great many in my direction) and Jiltz, Baz and all the great people over the groovy fab (blog AND forum). There are so many people that led me in the right direction, gave me advice, linked to my site (I promise I link back very soon, I am a bit slow at html)enlightened me to things I would have never known had I not found this world. Such as Hazy Dave, Lisa over at Ezhevica Psych (who has the coolest stuff + thanks for the Collector's Dreams), Microdot, Donno, Eddie Riff, Art, dtfloyd, Pappy, Madame Candyman, Ozzy, ChrisGoes, chocoreve and anyone I've forgotten (sorry). It's late and I am suffering from a major flu virus and my brain feels like it used to after one of those all night high school parties.

So now that's finished, here are some more groovin' tunes for everyone to devour and decide if they want seconds or not.

Mighty Baby - same

Cool slice of UK psych with several bonus tracks. The original LP was released on Head records (#025 in the US)in 1969 (some sources say '70) and was the band's first of 2 albums (thanks, Donno). It's is one of my favorites ever since I found a beat up copy in a thrift store many years ago. This is one of those albums I will leave my comments out of and let the listener decide, but if you like UK psych, I don't think this will disappoint. Unfortunetly this one is at 128kbps.


Magna Carta - Seasons
The second LP by Magna Carta (released in 1970 on Dunhill)wasn't their best by a long shot. Most of the short tracks are a bit to poppy and folksy and it seems like the band are searching for a direction (thankfully, they didn't take any of these paths). But on the 22+ minute title track we have an epic of grand proportions as we go from Moodies-like story telling and some psych drenched musical interludes. Magna Carta are still at it after all these years (at least last time I checked they were) and many of their albums are worth giving a listen to, this one included.


Demien - same
When I uploaded the Bubble Puppy album the other day, I wanted to stick Demian on also, but couldn't find it. Of course, it turned up a few days later as I was looking for something else, so I sat it aside to get to later. It's basically the same band, the same acid drenched guitar sound, but in a more hard rock direction (although I still hear faint echos of psych within the grooves). It was released on ABC records in 1970, and was, as the Bubble Puppy album a one shot deal. How do guys this talented get shuffled under the rug like they did?
It's beyond me!


Titus Groan - same
I've grown to like this quirky album over a few listens, but it is one I have to be in the mood for. It's 110% prog and quite a handful of an album, but has it's rewards. Released on the Janus label in the US in 1970 it was the first and last gasp for this band.


And last but by no means least, one of my heroes, Rory Gallagher!!
The first time I encountered Rory was on an old television show called "Night Flight" on the U.S.A. network. I was 13 or 14 at the time and shaping my opinions on music fully. Well regardless of what came on that show, I would watch it and found a lot of great artists & groups that remained favorites over the years. Anyways.....Night Flight announces that up next is a Rory Gallagher concert and I said Who? What? But I watch....this very non-chalant guy walks onto a tiny stage dressed in a flannel shirt and dirty jeans with a beat to death Fender Strat that looked like it was rescued from a junkyard. He plugs audience quiets....he steps up to mike slowly and thanks the audience for coming out....then his hand hits the volume knob and this unbelievably ferocious sound comes out. The band joins in and........PURE BLISS!!!!...I was in love with guy's music. I have damn near every album the man ever put out in his lifetime and quite a few boots also. There is nothing like Rory live, his studio albums, while quite good, just cannot match the unbridled passion Rory gave out in concert. Sadly he is no longer with us, but his music will be a joy to me for the rest of my life.
This is a concert from London back in his heyday. It is a tad rough in spots (but so was Rory!!). It was around the time he released Photo Finish which is my favorite studio album, and has a few songs from it the way that should be heard. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!!!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Variety is the spice of life....

..and here are 4 very diverse albums. Zephyr's Going Back to Colorado featuring the great Tommy Bolin, Love's Studio-Live a mish mash of outtakes and live stuff originally released in 1982, Soft Machine's 5 which sounds like a lost John Coltrane opus and Bullfrog's second album ((th a fantastic cover IMHO) High In Spirits
Also if you downloaded the Psychedellic Guitars LP, Hazy Dave sent me a very nice pic of cover for everyone to check out as I couldn't find one anywhere. I will upload it to this post and you can put them together. Thanks Hazy!!!
As I am hard at work putting together want lists and other lists I will just present you with la musica. Enjoy!!!

First up from 1977 here is Bullfrog - High In Spirits


Here is Love's mish mash of studio and live outtakes called Studio/Live.


Here's Zephyr's Going Back To Colorado. A great bluesy rock LP with the late great Tommy Bolin.



the Soft Machine 5

And here's the


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Small post today, but I am working on an idea........

Astral Projection - the Astral Scene
This was a request over at lost and found albums blog and I thought it might have some interest here. Really, it seems to me to be an exploito type deal, but definitely walks a fine line between psych and exotica-lounge type recordings. But it still gets listed as psych in places so for your listening enjoyment, here it is, and I recommend using extreme caution if driving or operating any machines while listening because this may cause drowsiness. Originally released on Metromedia in 1968, this is from a Gear Fab reissue.

the Tiffany Shade - same

I am not going to say much about this very hard to find LP released on Mainstream records in 1968 (S-6105). The band was comprised of Michael Barnes on guitar and lead vocals, Bob Leonard (who is listed only as songwriter), Tom Schuster on drums and Rob Murphy on bass. It is bubblegummy pop psych and not at all what I expected for an album of it's reputation. Some people give it 2 thumbs up and I've seen it called brilliant so I'll let you folks decide. Standouts (to me) are the leadoff track "Would You Take My Mind Out For A Walk (great title!!), "No Reality" and "Not Worth the Pain".

Now, here is my idea, but I would like some feedback before I go ahead with it. I have a huge want list of around 1,000 or so items that I am looking for. Some are not that hard to find(I am trying to replace a rather large chunk of my CDs that were stolen during a move a few months ago) and some are damn near impossible to find. I am putting together a text file with the want list and my idea is, I would be willing to trade for items from my huge of available titles (I believe it numbers around 8,000 titles at this point) many of which I won't post here due to my own set restrictions on the items being out of print (or only available on expensive imports). If there is interest in it, I will go more into detail on it tomorrow, but if there is little interest I will abandon the idea. In either case I will still be posting albums here, it's just a way I figure that I can help people out and people could help me also. Any improvements on the idea or criticisms are welcome.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More More More

I posted this as a request over at groovy fab forum but thought I'd share it here too. It's Bubble Puppy's only album released on International Artists in 1969. The band evolved into Demian which is more hard rock than psych, and I have it somewhere. I will try to dig it up eventually.

I've also decided to post a couple more from my collection of exploito-psych albums. Today's pair come from the Custom label. This one was released in 1968 (Custom CS-1115)and is actually very good. It's no Unfolding but as far as these things go, the "phantom" band here does a pretty credible job. Interesting and inovative cover of the Hendrix title track. "A Jet" is dead rip off of the Box Tops "the Letter" and "Take It Easy Baby" a rip of Classics V "Spooky" but otherwise some fun stuff here.


This next one is fairly obscure, I couldn't find a pic of it anywhere. It's called Psychedellic Guitars (their spelling not mine). There is no title other than that and it was released in 1967 (Custom 1078). This one, as opposed to the above LP is kind of a turd. Another one kinda like the Freakout album I posted a few days ago. In fact it sounds like it could be the same band with that King Curtis wannabe honkin' along to 60's go go bar music. Difference is the guitars have some fuzz and wah on this one from time to time.


Here is a krautrock LP (also, pretty hard to find a pic of) called Efendi's Garden. It is their self titled LP from 1979.


This final post for today is bit of a change. It's the Sunday Funnies 1972 LP called Benediction. Released on the Rare Earth label (#538) and produced by none other than Andrew "Loog" Oldham (he left the Loog of this one but I stuck it in there). Kind of hard rock mixed with a touch of RnB, nice cover of Reach Out and the opener Get Funky are okay. Not great, but hey, it'll probably never get released on CD, so here it is.


Monday, March 13, 2006

Have a twink on me

Twink - The Lost Experimental Sessions 1970
If I began to write on the joys this LP bring to me, I could fill another blog. To my ears it is absolutely astonding. Filled with electronic noodling and some beautiful dreamy songs, it far surpasses the Think Pink LP. If this album doesn't warp your mind, nothing will!! Why it took 30 years for Twink to release this is beyond me!! Supposedly the tapes were forgotten until then, knowing the history of Twink, that is no surprise. (Wonder if Eddie Van Halen ever heard the first track, it sounds exactly like the beginning of "Why Can't This Be Love".)
About Twink, well, what can I say that hasn't been said (the man probably has a bigger fan club now than he did in his prime!!). Just the highlights----His first main exposure was in Tomorrow with Keith West and some guy named Steve Howe, appeared on the the Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow, then moved on to more experimental stuff with the crazed Mick Farren and whatever Deviant(s) happened not to be in a drug coma at the time, released the infamous Think Pink LP and moved on to the vastly underrated Pink Fairies (again with ex-Diviants), inbetween their 1st and 2nd Lps forming an ill fated band called Stars with none other than Syd Barrett that lasted almost 1 gig. He should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but it probably will never happen.

A Child's Garden of Grass
Many thought it was a Firesign Theater but it wasn't. The material was written by the author of the book Jack Margolis, along with Michael Gwynne and producer Ron Jacobs. Supposedly there were Firesigners in the cast, but that's about it. A fun comedy record which is dated now, but still humorous in places, especially how it is set up like an instructional record. Ripped from vinyl, @ 192.
Released in 1971 on Elektra (EKS 75012)

Jonesy - Keeping Up With Jonesy.
Brillant UK prog slightly in the Yes mold. Released in '73 on the Dawn label (UK #3048). My favorite track is Questions and Answers which has some brillant percussion work and is just an all around joy to hear again and again. The last of their 3 LPs (all are worth a listen).

Bob Seger System - Noah
At the top of many people's "Worst of Bob Seger" lists. Far from great, it's still the closest thing Bob has to a psychedelic LP with it's dark brooding songs. Bob had little to do with the Lp both while it was being recorded (due to some kind of breakdown) and since, he's all but disowned the thing. Released in 1969 on Capitol records (#236). This one is not my rip and sadly is at 128 kbps with a slightly bass heavy sound. Still highly listenable and chances are, you're either going to love or hate it.

Since a lot of other people are on a Spirit kick, here's another one. 1977's Future Games. Not his best, not his worst and yet another cover of Dylan's Watchtower (aren't there any other Dylan songs in the world to cover). Sorry bout that 128, not my rip.

And finally here's a live set from the Litter from 1968. Nice sq for the age and was released as bonus tracks for the import Distortions LP. Since I already had an older pricey import CD of Distortions without these, I traded with someone so I would not have to buy another pricey import CD. So here they are for anyone else who might be in my boat--- The Litter Live at the Electric Theater.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I goofed the Greenslade

I got the Greenslade posted below from WinMX a long time ago and it was an albumwrap file. After someone left a comment about it, I checked and found out when the file is extracted it becomes 6 versions of the same song. I always listened to the whole wrap without extracting so I never knew that it extracted that way. So here is the complete file. Don't extract on albumwrap if you have one, use an MP3 splitter because whoever wrapped it screwed it up. Here is the complete file and my apologies to all who downloaded the old one.

Also if you read the comments you will find another solution to the problem. Looks like it's a glitch in the extracting software I had.

Gettin' a bit countrified on a lazy Sunday

Well, it's another lazy Sunday 'round here and I decided to post some hippie country and lighter sounds for your listening pleasure. Also, down at the bottom of the page I have posted links from files I posted at other sites, and since you never know what may happen, I decided to put them here too!

Here's the 1974 LP by NRPS. It was released on Columbia 32450.
This was by request from Groovy Fab forum.

This is some Kraut-country-rock I guess. It's not really, but it does have some definite southern influences running through it's proggy-bluesy tones. Great album too. Released in Germany on Bellaphon (298 09117) back in the hazy daze of 1971, its album No. 2 by Kin Ping Meh.

I found the back cover of a boot of this radio show recorded 9-30-71 in Columbia Studios live. It's the great Poco and it's extremely nice sound quality!

And finally for today (unless I get bored later) here is an album that doesn't quite fit the theme, but I uploaded it yesterday and forgot to post it. So here is Nucleus' outstanding prog opus Solar Plexus. Released in 1971 on the highly collectible Vertigo label (6360-039).

Some links to my files that were originally posted elsewhere.

Spooky Tooth-You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw

Spooky Tooth - Spooky Two

Gentle Giant - Aquiring the Taste

Gentle Giant - Power and the Glory

McDonald & Giles - same (there is a higher bit rate posted elsewhere)

Nilsson - Nilsson Schmillson and Son of Schmillson

another Spooky Tooth - Last Puff

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some lovely music for a rainy Saturday

I am taking a break from the ark building (I don't think it's ever going to stop raining here) to present you with 5 more artifacts from my collection. Again, I present you will the music and basic info, as details can be found so many places on the net, it's redundant to copy them here. First up today is the Bedside Manners Are Extra LP from (Dave) Greenslade. Released in 1973 in the UK on the Warner Brothers label (#46529).

Next up is John Fahey's Blind Joe Death Vol.1 LP from 1967. This is not the original cover.

And here is the very cool Quiet Sun LP Mainstream from 1975. Released on the Antilles label (#7008). It was produced by Roxy Music's Phil Manzenera and guests include Eno among others.

Here's some cool info:

Since I have seen the other LP posted somewhere else I thought I would stick the other Pavlov's Dog LP on here. This is their 2nd and last LP At the Sound of the Bell was released on Columbia in 1976 (#33694). I have since found out there are 2 further P.D. LPs available. So go to groovyfab and join their forum to get 'em!!!

Last up for today is Nektar's 1973 LP Journey To the Center of the Eye.